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COOK is home to all our vegan recipes & reviews!

We’re passionate about eating good food and you should be too, because it’s an important part of your well-being. Food shouldn’t cost the earth, harm the planet and most importantly, animals shouldn’t have to die.

We have created original recipes, that we’ve lovingly tried and tested to perfection. Plus, we’ve shared honest reviews of recipes from a variety of cookbooks. We will even show you how we adapt recipes from non-vegan cookbooks to suit our diet. The Bob’s Burgers Book is our favourite for adapting non-vegan recipes because it’s full of fun show references!

Click the images below to navigate to the vegan recipes page and the vegan recipe reviews page. Our recipes are mostly written to make four portions but they can be scaled up or down. You will find a good spread of classic dishes but we’re always creating more culturally diverse recipes too.

We are constantly on the look out for more recipe books to review, so please drop us an email at if you find one you’d like us to check out!