Hi! We’re Sam and Alice, the vegan beans behind Earthly Delights 🙂

We started our plant-based journey together by taking part in Veganuary 2019, and we never looked back. Sam had been vegetarian his whole life, while Alice was a meat-eater right up until giving Veganuary a go. Alice discovered a love for zero waste long before going vegan. Her passion for zero waste means that Earthly Delights is about sustainable living, as well as keeping a plant-based diet.

Some of you may know the name of our blog from the Hieronymus Bosch painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. We learned about this painting from Leonardo Di Caprio’s documentary Before The Flood. For those who haven’t seen it, Leo uses the underlying message within the panelled paintings to lay out what you can expect to learn from his documentary. Bosch arguably created this work to provide commentary on what humans have really done with the “earthly delights” we were first given. While neither of us is religious, we felt drawn to this message. We hope that by sharing knowledge and ideas, we can all find a way back to a world where animals and our planet don’t need to suffer for our survival and enjoyment.

This blog is a place to find facts and news about all things vegan, and a place for our musings on what we owe to our planet. And finally, it’s a place to share our own original plant-based recipes!

Join us, as we show people that being vegan can be easy, fun, affordable. Once you start questioning what you’re eating, you won’t want to stop there.

Come over to the light side, we have cruelty-free cookies!

Sam & Alice